Most people feel nostalgic when they think of family dinners. Smiles will light up their faces as cherished memories are remembered. In the past, sitting down to dinner was a practice that went without mentioning; families would eat their evening meals together every day. However, with the frantic pace of modern life, this ritual is increasingly becoming an activity of the past.

You probably have a host of valid reasons why it’s too challenging to eat dinner with your family on a regular basis. However, before you start listing them, read the following post to find out what your children miss out on when family dinner is neglected:

Family 411: Importance of family dinners benefiting kids’ development

PATASKALA — Family dinners may be one of the most important things to do with your children and one of the hardest to make sure happens.

It’s the tie that binds and what this family of seven strives for at least once a week.

“As we’ve grown it’s a little bit more hectic it’s hard to keep us eating dinner every single day,” said Krystina Shirey.

The Shireys fire up the kitchen stove top or grill out front to bond with their five children over food.

“I want to know what happened at school what happened at practice football practice basketball practice how are grades,” said Vince Shirey. Read more at ABC 6…

As the speaker notes above, your family bond can be measured by how much time you spend together, which includes family dinners.

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Also, keep in mind that your children won’t be children forever. Their younger years are their most formative, so it’s paramount to be present if you’re going to give them a good foundation in life. The following post speaks to this point:

Eating Together is Vital

Statistically Speaking

Every parent desires to impart their values to their children along with timely encouragement; ultimately uniting their family in love.  There is one central place in every home where they can have the greatest impact on their family: the dinner table.

You, as a parent, may intuitively sense the importance of your family eating together at home and that is why you have chosen FreshTake meals.  We want to help you make this a regular habit because we believe it will bring positive results for you and your children.

Here are just a few statistics that will encourage you to make eating at home a regular part of your week. Read more at Fresh Take Family…

The facts speak for themselves: Spending mealtime engaging with your children will make them physically and emotionally healthier. That’s a worthwhile investment for any parent.

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And just to be clear about what is intended when we talk about sitting down to a family meal, here is a post that details what a family dinner should not include:

Importance of screen-free family dinners

Are you inviting your television to dinner each night? According to a recent online survey of U.S. adults, 40 percent of Americans say someone in their family always or often uses a cellphone or watches television while eating meals together.

Boys Town, the parenting organization that commissioned the survey, calls it a disheartening statistic.

It says family dinnertime provides a rich environment for parents and children to bond and build relationships. While sharing a meal, the family comes together, and is given the opportunity to focus on good conversation. Read more at Moms Everyday…

spanish preschool daycare children bilingual diversity culture nc

There are so many things that make daily dinners a high quality, interactive time. As already mentioned, it gives you the opportunity to have meaningful conversations, catch up on how each member of the family is feeling and encourage one another when there are struggles.

Another way of promoting your child’s development in the early stages of life is to give them a preschool experience they will want to talk about at dinner time. At Spanish for fun!, we recognize the importance of giving each child a holistic learning experience that is filled with love, security, and joy.

Our Spanish immersion program will give your child all the benefits of being bilingual, an advantage they will possess for a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule a tour of any of our campuses and see our methods in action. Call 919-881-1160 or complete the form on our website and we’ll get back to you. We look forward to meeting you.