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Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Child’s Education at

It is no surprise to us that children immersed in a high-quality bilingual setting learn a second language more readily than adults. When you are fully engaging in a second language the benefits start in childhood and last throughout your entire life. Here are a few of the amazing things that happen as a result of bilingual education.


The window of opportunity

This is the magic time when the brain learns language easier than any other time in life. Plus it sets your brain up to learn more languages in the future.


Learning Development

Being multilingual has been proven to improve reading and writing development. Kids have extended attention spans and improved conflict resolution.


Smarter Kids

Bilingual kids can expect increased analytical, social, and academic skills like math, science and creativity. Imagine your child reading, writing and speaking in two languages!

Adaptable Kids

Life is full of different environments and new experiences. Bilingual kids are more flexible and adaptable. These kids are physically and mentally healthier, socially adaptable and more emotionally stable.


Prepared for the future

Bilingual US workers are more sought after and higher paid than monolingual workers. Studies have shown being multilingual may even slow the age of the brain and prevent dementia.