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We have a program for every student and every family. Whether you are looking for the ideal full-time daycare
for your baby, the perfect program for your child, an opportunity for you, or a class for the two of you together, we have it here.
Each program is personalized to you, and geared to foster development.

Curriculum Full-time | Spanish Immersion Program

SPANISH FOR FUN! provides an integral educational program considering the following components:

  • Our students become bilingual by learning Spanish in a very natural and active environment.
  • SFF! Provides a safe, healthy, fulfilling and enjoyable environment for the child.
  • SFF! curriculum is designed with enriching activities for children.
  • To develop the individual skills and abilities.
  • To promote social skills through play in group activities and learning centers
  • We respect and consider different learning styles.
  • We maintain continuous communication with the parents.
  • We include the community in our activities.
  • SFF! respects the individuality of each child, their interests and characteristics at the different ages and stages.
  • For that reason, we provide a learning based on exploration,  curiosity and the stimulation of creativity. Our curriculum  “Active Hands–Active Minds” is always giving children meaningful experiences.

Our curriculum is based on the Creative Curriculum, approved by NC, and is adapted according to the needs and objectives that we want to achieve with our children aged 6 weeks to 4 years old.

Our curriculum has a guide of specific activities for each stage of the child’s development: infants, toddlers, and preschool.

The curriculum is focused on:

  • Strengthening and enhancing all areas of emotional, cognitive, motor, social development, and language.
  • Specially designed activities for every age.
  • Children learn in a personalized way because each one of them is important to us.
  • Children “learn while having fun.”
  • Social-emotional activities.
  • Active learning.
  • Spirit of Inquiry and exploration.
  • Research-based curriculum.

We learn new vocabulary from new themes every month, for example, My community, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, offering fun and interesting activities for our students.

We work on projects appointed by the interest of the children. Their opinion is important to us, what they think, what they feel and what they want to know about the different topics.

In our daily routine, we have special, important individual and group activities like circle time, story time, music time, we work on Center activities like science, art, literature, manipulative, blogs.

Our program is designed to foster your child’s development in diversity, integration, and acceptance. Learning a second language in an enriched environment at a very young age gives children a tremendous learning advantage for their future.

Our students become bilingual in a natural way with a structured play-based curriculum, learning while having fun.
Our experienced staff is native Spanish speaking and will help your child excel in the different areas of development with love and care. It’s not just care, it’s smart care!

The 5 stages of Language Acquisition in SFF! Classroom


Full time preschool

Full-Time Preschool

Can you imagine your child fluent in Spanish by kindergarten? Our daycare and preschool programs have been created to stimulate development through cognitive, social/emotional, linguistic, and motor skills. Some of the activities your child can enjoy are sensory stimulation, baby yoga, baby massage, music, environmental exploring, puppet show, science, cooking, art, literacy, music, gardening, splash and more. All in Spanish!

summer camp

Summer Camp

Our Spanish Immersion Summer camp offers all the same great benefits of our year long day care programs during the summer. Children have the opportunity to learn Spanish through play. Some of the activities include science, cooking lessons, arts and crafts, literacy, music, gardening, Computer Lessons, Games and Sports, Gymnastics, Latin Folklore, Splash Days and much more!

mommy and me parent and me

Parent and Me

This is a great introduction for you and your child to our SPANISH FOR FUN! preschool atmosphere. Enjoy learning Spanish through play with circle time, baby massage, parachute, and story time. Parents and caregivers have an opportunity to connect with each other and learn the latest in childhood development.

Our caring environment will enhance early learning, build socialization skills, and increase confidence and independence. Parent and Me is directed by our own early childhood educators and taught by warm and loving individuals. Our classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your childʼs critical first years.

children's story time

Spanish Story Time

Reading is a beautiful gift that we can offer to the little ones. It opens doors to wonderful, magical worlds that stimulate the language, creativity and imagination of children. That is why in SFF! We wish to offer parents a free space of stories, songs and language games in Spanish. We encourage you to participate in this incredible time thought of you and your children.

This time will benefit your children in the following ways:

  • Encourage oral expression
  • Develop a unique approach with the Spanish language
  • Gradually acquire vocabulary in Spanish
  • Encourage the love of books
  • Stimulate visual and auditory capacity
  • Stimulate memory

“Spanish for fun has been one of the best decisions that my wife and I have ever made.”

– Jason and Charlene Cassidy

graduation second lanuguage
The need for second-language education is already present. Students that graduate SFF! will likely begin their careers in a bilingual America.
spanish immersion school

Our curriculum and practices have been awarded the highest possible rating by the regulatory officials in North Carolina.

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