As a parent, you want the best for your child, but knowing what the “best” is can be confusing. Raising them often feels like a trial-and-error experience, especially with the first one. We’re here to help you figure out how to get the best early childhood education for your child. Let these tips guide you when it comes to finding the right learning environment for your preschooler:

A preschooler has particular needs

Preschool children are unique and have their own specific learning needs. Appreciating this will make all the difference in the world. The first thing you should recognize is that your preschooler is a child. It sounds too obvious but it’s not uncommon for parents and even educators to unconsciously want children to learn like adults, which is impossible. You have to teach with methods that mirror how preschool children innately learn: through play, movement, and social interaction.

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The learning environment

From the insight she gained from passionate early childhood educator Erika Christakis, Susan Gonzalez reported that most preschoolers’ learning environments have been “adultified.” This means that many preschoolers go through an early education program that does not take their needs into consideration. The downside of this is that it hinders their progress and prevents them from reaching their potential. They are not able to fully exploit their talents and capabilities. Preschoolers need a place where they are free to learn as much as they can in a way that is appropriate for them.

Fun is important

Both research and experience show that preschoolers require an educational program that is more play-based and fun. At this age, they need a lot of room for exploration and indulgence of curiosity, as this is how they learn best. The role of the early childhood educator should be to encourage and guide these pursuits, not stifle them with rote lessons.

spanish preschool daycare children bilingual diversity culture nc

A safe environment

It should also be noted that children learn more when they are in loving environments where they feel safe. This is why they also need educators who encourage and uplift them through their actions and interactions. A good early childhood educator is one who can get down to the child’s level while at the same time offering the nurturing guidance that a preschooler requires for learning.

Spanish For Fun!

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