Children have several stages they go through as part of their developmental journey. For parents, major milestones are a source of both anticipation and anxiety. It helps when you are prepared for them. You can get yourself ready by learning from older parents, especially those with more than one child, since they have the advantage of experience. Reading widely will also give you the information you need.

One of the key events your child will go through is the transition from diapers to using the potty. It’s a relief when your child can finally take him or herself to the bathroom, it’s just that the process to get there can be a test. The following post gives you advice on when to start and how to deal with the challenges:

When to Potty Train and How to Cope With Challenges

Although most kids look forward to being able to use the toilet on their own, they can easily get frustrated by the inevitable accidents. Navigating that gray area between diapers and underwear can be hard on you too.

Here are some tips that will help make potty training as easy as possible for everyone.

Wait until your child is ready. Trying to potty-train a child who’s not ready can actually extend the process. Try and avoid starting training when there are other big changes in your child’s life, such as illness, divorce, a death in the family (even of a pet) or moving to a new home. Read more at Pampers…

When you plan to potty train your child, you need to be very deliberate about timing. You also need to be present to help your child learn what to do and what not to do. You should also expect some accidents but remain positive.

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There are different methods to achieve the goal. Some people follow a 30-day regimen while others suggest a shorter period. There’s even an intensive potty training method proposed by author Lora Jensen in her book 3 Day Potty Training that purports to work in just that amount of time. The following is one mom’s experience using this method:

After receiving several books from friends that all seemed to frustratingly downplay my husband’s involvement by centring on the mother’s role—and making jokes about dad staying out of the way except to fetch things—we settled on the three-day potty training boot camp–style method called 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen. Jensen, the self-proclaimed Queen of Potty Training, doesn’t have a medical or professional child care background, but her experience starts with her own six children and several foster kids. The e-book is often mentioned in parenting groups and online and came with great reviews from friends. It promised stunningly fast results, even overnight. Read more at Today’s Parent…

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So, what if your potty training attempts haven’t been totally successful and it’s time for preschool? The main thing is to not stress about it. A good preschool will have teachers who are experienced in this area and can help guide you through the process. The following post offers helpful advice from a collection of seasoned preschool teachers:

Daycare Experts Give Advice on Potty Training

These experts know toilet training because a lot of them work with preschoolers who are going through the process every day. There are several advantages to sending your child to preschool, one big advantage is the years of advice your preschooler’s teacher can share with you.  Here are some words of wisdom from real preschool teachers:

“If a preschooler shows interest in using the potty at preschool, we tell the parents and work with them so that potty training can continue at home.” She offers three suggestions: Be consistent. Don’t go back and forth between pull-ups and underwear. And be prepared for failure. Read more at Hudson Valley Parent…

A good preschool will make potty training fun and anxiety-free for the enrolled children. It’s important that you choose a program that is appropriate for your child’s needs.

spanish preschool daycare children bilingual diversity culture nc

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