As you research preschools to find the one that is most suitable for your child, keep in mind that an important part your decision should be the type of teaching method that is offered. There are different types of programs, but, here at Spanish for fun! Duraleigh, we believe a play-based approach to learning is the best. You can read about play-based education in the following post:

What does play-based learning really mean?

If your child is playing, they can’t be learning, right? In fact, children learn a huge number of different skills through play. It allows them to explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems — all of which help develop literacy, numeracy and social skills.

Through play-based learning, skilled educators can introduce the concepts we want children to learn in a way that engages with the child’s interests.

Play comes naturally, we add the learning

Play-based learning draws on a child’s natural sense of enquiry and provides a hands-on exploration of the world around them. Read more at Goodstart Early Learning…

While it may seem odd for adults to consider play a form of learning, it is one of the most natural ways that a child can gain and process information. The secret is to be deliberate about the learning process during playtime.

Play-based preschools have some form of structure, but the main focus is for the children to socialize with one another. The play can be guided, or the children may be allowed free play. There are certain benefits that come with a play-based approach, as suggested in the following post:

Here are four ways play-based learning benefits children in the early years.

Encourages language skills

Engaging in active play from an early age encourages the development of language skills. During pre-school years, a child’s vocabulary grows and develops as they play together with peers and interact with adults. Adults have the opportunity to support language development through play; they can do this by asking questions, encouraging conversation and introducing unfamiliar words.

Supports pre-literacy skills

Participating in play that involves music and rhyme supports the development of pre-literacy skills, such as listening skills and sound recognition. Activities such as singing songs and reciting rhymes play a big part in laying the foundations for reading and basic literacy. Read more at The Scots College…

When learning is incorporated into play, it helps the children develop a positive attitude towards learning new skills.

There are certain important ways in which your child is likely to benefit from a play-based preschool program when compared to other types of programs, as expressed in the next post:

Numerous studies conclude that play is an integral part of learning for preschoolers. An article in The Washington Post suggested that inadequate playtime and movement can cause problems in children such as clumsiness, difficulty paying attention, trouble with emotional responses, and poor problem-solving methods among a host of other developmental issues.

Another study in Germany compared 50 play-based classes with 50 early-learning centers and found that the children in play-based classes excelled over the children in early learning centers. The study concluded that children in the play-based groups were more advanced in reading and math, as well as in the areas of intelligence, creativity, oral expression, and “industry.” Read more at Learning Without Tears…

Your child is likely to benefit much more academically in the long-term when their preschool program involves a lot of play. That’s why we practice this method.

At Spanish for fun! Duraleigh, your child’s social skills will be enhanced through fun activities, while their linguistic and cognitive skills will be developed by learning the Spanish language in an immersive environment.  Call us today at 919-881-1695 or complete the contact form on our website to schedule a tour. We would love to tell you more about us and our educational methods and let you see for yourself how well they work.