A lot of research has gone into preschool-age children’s education to ensure that we can utilize the most appropriate approaches to their learning and cognitive development. After all, the aim of early education is not just to simply pump knowledge into the brains of our kids. A comprehensive educational program should cater to the all the needs of the child — physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Based on these factors and the results of the research, there is a surprising key element you need to look for when choosing a preschool for your child:


It turns out that one of the top considerations when choosing a preschool for your child should be how much movement is incorporated into the learning curriculum. Research shows that movement is intricately connected to learning and should not be a separate activity, as is often assumed. The fact is that children learn as they play. Additionally, play gives them the opportunity to develop socially and emotionally as they interact with others.

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What kind of movement

When you think about it, there are a vast number of things that could constitute movement in a child’s learning. It can be playing a game, making something, dancing and much more. This applies at home too. The best way to provide an environment for your child to continuously learn and explore is to allow as much movement as possible, apart from chaos. The movement needs to be purposeful.

Learning through movement

If you watch children playing, you will notice that they often re-create what they observe in life. Also, they are apt to make something and show it to you, describing what it is and what they are doing with it in detail.

If you think about these simple processes, you’ll notice that the children develop concepts in their minds and create things using the knowledge they have. In essence, they go through the theories in their minds and express them practically. This is actually more effective for learning than what adults do — sitting in class for hours without the opportunity to reproduce what they have learned except during tests.

spanish preschool daycare children bilingual diversity culture nc

The harm of inadequate movement

Inadequate opportunities for movement results in children accumulating energy that makes them unable to sit still. For children, restricted movement is equal to restricted learning, which impedes their development. If this goes on too long, it can cause anxiety — and in the worst cases even a need for occupational therapy. Additionally, when children do not have enough opportunity to move and play, they lack foundational social skills and their intellectual development is slowed.

Spanish for fun!

At Spanish for fun!, we understand the importance of play in your child’s education and development. Our curriculum gives lots of opportunity for your children to learn in the best way — having fun. If you are searching for a preschool that will offer your child an educational jumpstart, Spanish for fun! is your best option. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour of any our four Triangle area campuses. Call 919-881-1160 or complete the contact form on our website. We look forward to showing you why your child will thrive with us.