We recently received a letter from a Sff! parent that underscores everything we believe about our preschools, our wonderful teachers, our proven instruction method and our loving caregiving principles. As you can imagine, it made us all extremely proud. We couldn’t wait to share it with you…

Good afternoon,

I wanted to take a minute to recognize the SFF Duraraleigh Rd team! The teachers and leadership team are just so wonderful there I cannot say enough about them.

Our daughter stayed home with a nanny for the first 7 months of her life and I dreaded sending her to daycare. I never imagined I would do so. My husband and I both have careers and wanted to go back to work. When our nanny had to leave we took the day off of work to tour schools all throughout the Raleigh area. Every school we visited felt so sterile and just “ok.” I left the first one crying, thinking I am not going to do this to my kid; the school had a teacher feeding one baby in the rocker and using her two feet to push the other babies swings, who were crying on the floor! For the next couple weeks we pieced together sitters, considering we have no family here, this was not easy.

Someone at my work recommended SFF. My husband and I were open to checking it out. Although we are not bilingual I have 8 years of Spanish and are always looking for ways to offer our child more. Being a nervous mom I remember the day we came to tour. We did not schedule it, we just popped in. Veronica was on maternity leave and Carol was covering for her. Carol gave us a fantastic tour! Every teacher was so welcoming, introducing themselves, asking about us and Addison, with a smile on their face! Carol offered for us to leave Addison in the baby room for a minute while we finished the tour so we could see how she would do and she did really well!  The initial impression, which is so important, was just great. It did not feel like all the other schools we had previously visited, you could tell the teachers loved their jobs and really cared.

Addison started in Laura and Giselle’s classroom. Both of them were beyond wonderful. Addison really bonded with Giselle as other children really bonded with Laura and both of them went above and beyond each day to give the kids love upon love! They were very communicative and always making sure we knew what was going on. We also experienced the International Fest within our first month of being at the school and it was such a fun experience.

Then Addison moved up to the next classroom with Ms.Claudia, Ms.Rosita, and Ms.Eliana along with various floaters.  All three of these teachers were also so wonderful. Claudia always seemed to have a nice day planned. I call Ms.Rosita the loving grandma of the classroom because the kids just flock to her and she gives this sweet caring vibe when you walk into the room. The minute she sits down the kids all run over to her, all trying to sit on her lap, ready to listen to the fun she has planned. Ms.Eliana is so sweet and always always has this big glowing smile on her face. I do not think I have ever walked in without seeing her with this super big smile. She is always playing with the kids, patient, and very attentive to their many needs. Also updates you with a detailed update on your child’s day the minute you walk in the door.

Veronica and Maribel are also great to work with. They are very communicative as well. They always make sure to call you if they think your child is acting different, may not be feeling well etc. so you are not surprised when you get there. They are very welcoming when you come in and also very positive and great to talk to.

Overall, I just wanted to share the great experience we have had at the Duraraleigh location. Addison recently moved up to the Glenwood location and I am missing everyone so much. I know we will love the new school as well, but as Addison transitions to the new location I wanted to make sure I shared how wonderful your Duraraleigh team is!

Thank you,

Kate Mekeel

Wow! Thank you so much, Kate, for that amazing endorsement. We are so happy you found us and have entrusted us with Addison’s care and early childhood education. We will continue to provide her, you and every one of our students and parents with the best experience possible.

Parents, if you are searching for a preschool that will offer your child a safe, loving environment and an educational jumpstart, Spanish for fun! is your best option. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour of our Duraleigh campus. Call 919-881-1695 or complete the form on our website. We look forward to showing you why your child will thrive with us.