Your little one has attained preschool age and like many before you, you’re probably amazed at how fast the years have flown by! Within no time, you find yourself planning on where to enroll your preschooler. You probably have a lot to think about, and it may be a bit overwhelming to know how to go about selecting the best place for your child. If that describes your situation, then this post is for you.

There are a variety of preschools out there and it is important to select one with activities that are suitable for your child, as explained in the following post:

Jennifer McCarville, director of Marvelously Made School, reminds parents that, “A school should be for children. That sounds so simple and obvious, but schools now are not for children. They are for adult ideas of what children need to eventually become.” With that in mind, look around and listen. Does the “vibe” seem to be all about the kids?

McCarville insists that activities and lessons must be done for the children, rather than to them. She points out, “Children are whole people right now. They’re not partial people who need to be worked on.” The focus of the activities should not be “getting ahead of the curve” or preparing for kindergarten, although that preparation will follow when the learning tools are developmentally appropriate. Read more at Mamapedia…

When touring different preschools, you should select a preschool where there is a lot of interaction among the children.

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In addition to the activities that are provided in the preschool, you need to ensure that the preschool offers a quality program that will benefit your child, as explained in the following post:

There are excellent preschool options out there – but how can parents “hack” the preschool search to find them? What are the things to look out for?

We’ve created the Preschool Quality Indicator Checklist, a list of ten quality indicators parents should look for during their search:

  1. License check

Only consider options that are licensed by the state regulatory agency for all center-based programs and family child care homes.

  1. The basics

Ask about hours, educational philosophy and curriculum, teacher credentials, teacher turnover rates, and guidance strategies. Read more at Wonder School…

Keeping these tips at the back of your mind when selecting a preschool will help you identify one that is a good fit for your child.

spanish preschool daycare bilingual childhood education raleigh wake forest cary duraleigh nc

As you go about identifying a preschool that works well for your child, it is important to make sure that your child is ready for the new experience, as expressed in the following post:

One easy way to tell if your child is ready for preschool is by seeing how your child separates from their primary caregiver. If your child separates with difficulty, preschool can backfire and make the first school experience traumatic. Rainey notes there are a number of ways to see how your child separates, like “attending library story hours, classes offered through local parks, recreation departments, and museums.”

Staff at Revere Local Schools’ Early Childhood Program notes parents will want to consider if the preschool schedule is a good fit for their child compared to a daycare with a preschool curriculum. The difference between a daycare and preschool program is most preschools will not take students until they are toilet trained. Read more at Northeast Ohio Parent…

Depending on the stage at which your child is, you can opt for a daycare program or a preschool program.

spanish preschool daycare bilingual childhood education raleigh wake forest cary duraleigh nc

Spanish for fun! Wake Forest offers your child a daycare and kindergarten program that incorporates learning the Spanish language and culture through immersion. Your child will be exposed to fun activities that will develop his or her social and motor skills.

If you are searching for a preschool that will offer your child an educational headstart, Spanish for fun! is your best option. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour of any of our four campuses, two are located in Raleigh, one is in Cary and the other is in Wake Forest. Call 919-881-1160 or complete the contact form on our website. We look forward to showing you why your child will thrive with us.