I feel very fortunate when there is an Spanish Immerision school in town, where my children can pick up another language that I cannot teach them at home.
After spending 3 weeks in school and only 3 half day a week, my 2 year-old already knows to count to 7 in spanish and 12 in English. She does not speak a full sentence yet but she does understand when people ask how old and where her sibling is in spanish. That also happened to my 5 yo child two years ago. For this year, after spending 2 months of summer camp and 2 more months in Ositos class, my 5yo recognizes words and can read in Spanish. As a mom, I am very happy when my children love to come to school, and especially they love everyone there(from teachers to admin staff to the cook lady). And I know my daughter loves school so much when she told me she doesn’t want to leave this school for kindergarten and wants to be a teacher when she grows up so she can come back to work at SFF!! ;)
Thank you Teachers and Staff @ SFF! Wake Forest for making my life easier !!!

Vicky T

My son Jason has been at this daycare since he has been 3 months old (he just turned 10 months). I could not be any more happy with this daycare! They absolutely care from the bottom of their heart about my son. I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done for my son. My son within a week with being there was able to hold up his head. He currently knows hello and goodbye in English and Spanish. He knows how to blow kisses and what a horse is! They take the time and effort to help each child reach their own goals. They also have many different celebrations that they all put so much energy into and it really shows how much the staff as a whole cares about these children! The teachers do a great job of communicating to the parents of how their children are doing and what they need. The food is always great and healthy and the ENTIRE daycare is always always always clean. My son is in the baby classroom and normally you would think that the kids would make the place a wreck, yet, nothing. I recommend this place to everyone I know. I looked at many different places before I came to Sff! and as soon as I finished my tour I knew this was the place for my son and myself. Love them !!!!

Hannah Miller

Great place if you want your kids to learn Spanish. 2 of my God-Daughters went to this school. Staff ladies are awesome and they really care about your child. I will recommend this school to everyone.

Mauro Rodriguez

My 3 and 4 year old sons have been going there since we moved from NJ and I can say that Spanish for Fun is simply the BEST pre-school you’ll find in the Wake Forest/Wakefield area! The students thrive academically and socially. The teachers are very nice and the environment & curriculum are just EXCELLENT! I highly recommend it :)

Johanna Windon

We feel so fortunate a friend told us about Spanish for fun. We began in 2012 with our first child and now have two enrolled, soon to be three. As we have moved around Raleigh, we have had the pleasure of experiencing the Duraleigh, Glenwood and now Wake Forest locations.
Each center is teeming with friendly and knowledgeable staff, most experienced mothers. Not only do I feel my children are learning in a safe, diverse, unique environment, but also that they are absolutely adored by the staff. Picking up the children after a long day and still seeing the staff with bigs smiles and hugs for the everyone is wonderful. I love hearing my children’s language skills progress in both English and Spanish and the weekly teaching plans seem fun and engaging. We feel lucky to be a part of the Spanish for fun family.

Blair Cuneo

I absolutely love this place!!!!! They care for your children like part of the family and are just so positive! The curriculum is amazing too, with a variety of themes and vocabulary. I also love the security factor, there is no way for someone random to just walk in and roam around. Last but not least, I like to watch my babies on the cameras online (which are also secure) :)

Carrie Boring

Our 14 month old has attended SFF! since she was nine months old and it has been a great experience! We love the staff! All the teachers have the most pleasant attitude and are full of enthusiasm and energy. They all seem to love their job, and really enjoy working with the children. They keep the children busy and engaged. The walls are full of artwork from the kids, and photos from different projects they had worked on. We loved the daycare so much that we enrolled our 5 year old in the summer camp, and she has had an absolute blast so far! I was at first concerned that my daughter would be uncomfortable because she didn’t know any Spanish. It was not at all an issue, however, and her teachers seem to be very skilled and understanding when it comes to working with kids who don’t speak Spanish. I am really amazed at how much Spanish she has already learned since going to SFF! I would highly recommend this daycare to any family!

Samantha Kaelin

We love SFF and would recommend it to any family! Both of our children started here when they were 3 months old (now 3.5 years and 10 months). I visited a variety of daycares, but the moment I walked into SFF I felt the welcoming and nurturing environment I was looking for in a daycare. The teachers and staff are clearly passionate about children and about teaching. This is not just a job, they feel like an extension of our family and truly care about the goals and well-being of our children. The Spanish immersion curriculum has been an added bonus! This wasn’t something we were outright seeking in a daycare, but it has been such an amazing thing to witness with my son. Starting SFF at 3 months old, he now (at 3.5 years) fluently understands and speaks with his teachers. My husband and I are trying to catch up :). It has been such a blessing to see his confidence grow as he speaks to his classmates, teachers, family and friends in Spanish. Our little girl, now 10 months, is full of smiles and giggles every time she sees her teachers. They are very attentive to everything she’s doing and cover her with affection. I can’t imagine a better place for my children to receive the love, care, attention and enriching environment they need to flourish. We love the SFF-Wake Forest location. It’s large, beautifully colorful, clean and welcoming. Kids’ artwork covers the walls. We absolutely love SFF-Wake Forest and would recommend it to any family.

Emily Roland

We love SFF! Our kids have attended SFF since they were about 6 mos. old and are now 4 and 2. We started our love of SFF at the Raleigh location and were excited when the WF location was opened, which is 5 minutes from our house! The teachers are like an extension of our family and the amount of Spanish both of our kids have learned is amazing! Not only do they love Spanish but they love learning! We especially love the activities during Summer Camp and the holiday performances throughout the year. You can’t go wrong with trusting your children to the loving staff of SFF!

Sara Johnson

“I LOVE Spanish For Fun Wake Forest for my kids!” This school is wonderful. All the teachers and administration staff are amazing!! They help me out so much! My daughter is one year old and this is the first school she’s attending so I was worried of the unknown and how she would react. But instantly she took to her teacher and she love her class, now I can’t get her to leave. When I go to pick her up from school she don’t want to leave, so that speaks for itself. I have a son who is six months old and Im enrolling him as well. I recommend Spanish For Fun to everyone and it truly is an investment in your childs future.

Kahatty Chessnut